Abuse Recovery Counseling 

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Abuse Recovery Counseling 

Typical clients include those who have an abuse history. This history can range from physical, sexual or emotional abuse. Many clients experience nightmares, loss of appetite and pleasure, relationship disturbance, and high levels of anxiety and depression.  Children that experience a traumatic event such as abuse may develop behavioral disturbances. This can range from emotional outbursts, educational or social concerns. Refusal to follow basic home requests can be a challenge for you and your child.  Please contact us for a free telephone assessment to determine if therapy is right for you or your loved one.

Abuse Recovery Counseling 

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Please contact us for a free telephone assessment to determine if therapy is right for you or your loved one. 

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​​"Therapy has made all the difference in the world for our family, specifically my daughter.  Although my daughter still shows some signs of abuse, there is a night and day difference in her behavior. Instead of acting out from anything that triggered memories of her trauma, she is able to use coping skills that therapy has taught her.  My daughter has a better grasp of how to deal with the trauma from the past." Parent of Client 

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Our mission is to help Abuse Victims Recover

Diane Sandoval, LCSW

Diane has her Master of Social Work from Utah State University and Bachelor of Science in Social Psychology from Brigham Young University. Diane is certified in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Aggression Replacement, Suicide Prevention, Positive Control, CPR and First Aid. Diane has received extensive training in Child Parent Psychotherapy, Play Therapy, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Sex Addiction and Jungian Therapy. She has served on the Board for the National Alliance for Infant Mental Health. She has worked as a therapist with troubled children, adolescents and their families for 7 years. Diane has also worked with adults and couples in a variety of treatment settings and has become specialized in the treatment of individuals that have suffered from sexual, physical, and emotional abuse. 

Survivor Health

The impact of abuse can devastate your life or the life of your loved one. People often think they'll forget their traumatic experience and move on. Often, individuals are triggered later in life and can develop severe relationship or life disturbance. There is hope for you, your child or loved one to recover from abuse. We can help you recover by deciding the right treatment option for you. 

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